60 Degree Patterns Set-L03184*

Patterns designed for 60 degree triangles and 60 degree diamonds.

The fills need to be combined with the three line patterns--either long or short-to form the 60 degree patterns

The patterns work in the Gravity Quilt

This set includes the following files:

60 Degree Wide Loops p2p-L03204

60 Degree Weaving Lines Diamond-L03203

60 Degree Swirl Half Diamond Frame p2p-L03202

60 Degree Snail Diamond p2p-L03201

60 Degree Short Swirls Triangle p2p-L03200

60 Degree Short Snail and Pebbles Triangle p2p-L03199

60 Degree Pebbles and Snail Triangle p2p-L03198

60 Degree Pebbles and Snail Diamond p2p-L03197

60 Degree Peas in a Pod Half Diamond p2p-L03196

60 Degree Narrow Loops p2p-L03195

60 Degree Medium Loops p2p-L03194

60 Degree Long Swirls Diamond p2p-L03193

60 Degree Long Loops p2p-L03192

60 Degree Fern p2p-L03191

60 Degree Fat Loop Parallelogram p2p-L03190

60 Degree Coils Parallelogram p2p-L03189

60 Degree 3 Lines Short p2p-L03188

60 Degree 3 Lines Long p2p-L03187

60 Degree Diamond p2p Curves-L03186

60 Degree Diamonds Beads and Loops p2p-L03185


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