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All prices are in US dollars.


Sales Taxes are applied to any sales made within the State of Arizona, unless a copy of your Sales and Use Tax Exemption certificate is on file with It's a Quilt Thing!


Privacy Statement


As part of the order process, the following information is collected from shoppers:

  • name

  • shipping/billing address

  • email address

  • phone number


It's a Quilt Thing! does NOT share this information in any way, shape, or form with any other party.

It's a Quilt Thing! uses the information to fill orders or to contact purchasers if they have questions.
From time to time, It's a Quilt Thing! may send out newsletters and/or emails with special offers, etc. This service can be canceled at any time.


Remember - be sure to logoff when finished - especially if using a shared computer.



Copyright Statement


It's a Quilt Thing supports - to the full extent - the copyright protection afforded to each designer that works with us.

By purchasing or downloading any designs from this site you agree to the terms of copyright protection under the law, including:

  • Purchasers of digital quilting patterns are granted a limited license to stitch out or allow to be stitched out the purchased designs on a machine which you or your business owns

  • These patterns may not be included with the machine if you sell your longarm quilting machine.

  • Backup copies of your designs are kept on It's a Quilt Thing! website. They are able to be downloaded again if needed. Just contact It's a Quilt Thing!

  • One copy of the design may be made for backup purposes

  • Images of the designs may be reproduced for cataloging purposes

  • The stitched out designs are able to be displayed - both privately and publicly.

  • Patterns may not be copied, transferred, sold, shared or given away in any manner.

  • The purchaser may use purchased designs on as many projects as desired, except for mass production or commercial selling of finished product(s).

Any violation of this is a direct infringement of copyright law - within the United States and many other countries between which there are International Copyright Agreements.


Please note:

  • the purchase of patterns from It's a Quilt Thing! Is NOT a license to use It's a Quilt Thing! patterns for teaching purposes.

  • It's a Quilt Thing! patterns cannot be group purchased and shared between the group.

  • Patterns authorized to be distributed during class cannot be copied and are for the use of class students only - either in or out of class.

Please acknowledge the pattern designer on your projects and with your customers wherever possible.

It's always a source of happiness and satisfaction to hear about and see photos of your work - just to see what gets done with the patterns. I especially appreciate being told about any quilts which have won prizes with It's a Quilt Thing! designs on them.


Exceptions to rules:


If you do want to use the designs for mass production or commercial selling of finished product(s) please contact It's a Quilt Thing! for permission in this regard. If permission is granted, it will be in writing.

  • If you wish to purchase patterns for more than one quilting machine (which you or your business owns) - please contact It's a Quilt Thing.

  • Permission to use It's a Quilt Thing! patterns should be requested in writing in advance.




Secure payments can be made through PayPal.
You can also pay using your credit card.
Credit card or bank account information is never passed on to It's a Quilt Thing!


Delivery Method and Time


All quilting patterns are in digital format supplied according to the file type and appropriate machine type as selected by the purchaser.
Once payment has been accepted, the purchased digital files will be available from the download area located in your 'Account' page on the website.


File Replacement


It's a Quilt Thing! will provide, at any time and at no cost, one copy of any pattern previously purchased. Please include the invoice number and pattern information when making the request.


Digitizing Process - quilting patterns


All designs are digitized using only 3 point arcs and straight lines. Copies of the pattern are available for multiple machine types.


Customized Digitization - quilting patterns


Custom design requests are always welcome and done within the bounds of copyright law. As many details as possible should be included including size, block outline, images, sketches (the more precise the better).


Two types of design service are available:

  • The pattern becomes the property of the customer.
    - it is delivered in the format(s) required (dxf,qli,cqp,iqp, etc.)
    - it will not be included and sold as part of the It's a Quilt Thing! library
    The price is calculated at an hourly rate for the design and digitization of the pattern.


  • The pattern becomes part of the It's a Quilt Thing! Pattern library.
    - It will be available to any customer (including the commissioning customer) at It's a Quilt Thing!'s regular price.
    The design is completed by It's a Quilt Thing!, at the expense of It's a Quilt Thing!.


Please feel free to e-mail for more information about charges and details of this service.


Pattern Modification - quilting designs


The purchaser may only alter patterns by using the software which operates their longarm quilting machine.

If other modifications to a purchased pattern are desired, contact It's a Quilt Thing! to work out the details.

Cancellation of Orders, Errors, Returns & Exchanges


As the product sold on the website are digital downloads, all sales are final.

From time to time errors do occur, so should you encounter any problems with the patterns, please send an email and it will be corrected and resent as soon as possible.
Occasionally duplicate orders are placed.

Whatever the issue - please let us know and we will work through a solution with you.


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